The Online Speech/Corpora Archive and Analysis Resource

OSCAAR version 3 is now available! User accounts are no longer required. Please visit us at our new website https://oscaar3.ling.northwestern.edu. Thank you!

What is OSCAAR?

A web based system for managing and providing access to a large database of speech recordings.

OSCAAR is a project of the Speech Communication Research Group in the Department of Linguistics at Northwestern University. We are grateful to the following funding sources for their support: NIDCD grants R01DC005794 and R56DC005794, National Institute of Health, National Institute of Deafness and Other Communication Disorders, and The Hugh Knowles Center for Clinical and Basic Science in Hearing and Its Disorders at Northwestern University.

What is in OSCAAR?

Collections of speech recordings that may consist of words, sentences and/or longer passages in English and other languages. Collections may include recordings of read speech and/or spontaneous speech. Some collections were designed primarily for acoustic analysis, while others were designed primarily for speech perception experiments.

Can I search through these recordings?

Yes, speech recordings are tagged with a rich set of metadata. This allows researchers to search across collections in the database using various parameters. For example, you can search by talker's age, gender, L1, etc. You can also search by task (e.g. read sentences), task language, etc. and/or for a specific item (e.g. word or sentence) across the materials that were used to elicit any read speech and across the transcriptions (when available) of spontaneous speech.

Can I just download the materials used to make these recordings?

Yes, whenever possible, we've also provided the materials used to elicit the read or spontaneous speech in the appropriate language.

Is there information about the talkers?

Yes, information about the talkers is also available such as age, gender and talker's L1.

How do I get access to OSCAAR?

Access is by request. Recordings that have not been consented for public release will only be made available within the Speech Communication Research Group. Special permissions may be required for access to certain collections that were contributed by external lab groups.

I'd like to have some of my recordings added to this database.

Great! We're always happy to expand OSCAAR. Please read our collection submission guidelines for more information.

How can I contact the OSCAAR team?

Correspondences in regards to OSCAAR may be sent to:

Northwestern University
Department of Linguistics
Ann Bradlow
2016 Sheridan Rd.
Evanston, IL 60202

If you have any questions about your OSCAAR account or how to gain access or submit corpora to OSCAAR, please contact Chun-Liang Chan.

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